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What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should be a mandatory part of any online marketing campaign. However, different online marketing companies and individual SEO specialists define the process in different ways. Some believe that to optimize a website for search engines you need to insert as many keywords as possible into the meta data of the site. Others claim that an abundance of links from all over the Internet to your website will increase traffic and bump you to the first page of Google, Bing, Yahoo, or other search engines. Both of these approaches might be helpful, in part. In reality, however, most SEO and website marketing companies base their approach on the size of your marketing budget. The more money you pay the higher position you receive on a search engine like Google's first page. This approach does not make sense, and it definitely does not define SEO.

In simple terms, Search Engine Optimization means the website's capacity to be "crawled" (see below: #1) by any search engine in the world, and to be added to the engine's database. At this point, only two approaches will improve your website's capacity to be crawled by a search engine.

1. Proper website development. It is important to understand how search engines like Google or Bing work. Search engines employ a small program (crawler) that "crawls" each website on the Internet searching for interesting or valuable information. Then this engine creates an index of each website and adds this information to its database. When a visitor performs a search, the search engine refers to this database; if Google, for example, finds relevant information in the index of a website the site will appear in the search results.

2. Website content. Optimization will make your web site visible when a visitor performs a search related to your site's content. Your website content, then, should be interesting, informative, and relevant to a visitor's needs.

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