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How to get my web site to work better?

Posted by John Augustine - 14-12-2016, 07:51 am

My web site was renewed this year to make it look more professional and user friendly, however it seems to be generating more SEO companies to contact me rather than customers. My site is any advice will be more than welcomed.

Thanks in advance
  • Administrator

    14-12-2016, 09:04 am

    Hello John, and welcome to our SEO forum. I will look into your website and reply with some suggestions. Off my head there could be multiple reasons why this website is attracting wrong audience. But let me look into this. In the mean time can you please share if your website performed better before the update? Did it convert the right people or it did not convert t at all?
  • Administrator

    14-12-2016, 09:16 am

    Also from what I can see this particular website is targeting completely different industry now. The website was originally promoting vending services and vending machines. Suddenly you decided to promote all sort of digital marketing services such as SEO, Web development and others. Why would you do this under this website domain name?
  • John Parker

    21-02-2017, 02:23 am

    Your website is very nice and user friendly, According to me nowadays using video banner is useful to maintain visitors presence.
    • Squis1959

      13-06-2017, 09:01 pm

      Your website seems good and I would like to suggest that do not compromise the security of the website and also look for the website should be good and attractive.

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