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Stepmans PC combines traditional marketing methods and organic SEO - with an emphasis on natural website optimization - to design thoughtful, inspiring, and effective online marketing campaigns. We will help you identify your targeted visitors or customers, the exact product or service you are trying to promote, and the best place to promote your website. We have mastered industry-specific online marketing. We guarantee: we will attract the right visitors to your website.

Online Marketing

If you're a website owner, you might have read about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), website visibility, and other techniques that will help your website appear on the first page of a search engine like Google. But what does online marketing really mean? Most website optimization companies offer online marketing, but most do not successfully promote websites. Why? Simply because most website companies do not perform website marketing at all. Instead, they try to promote your website with the help of a Pay Per Click (PPC) tool such as Google AdWords.

Proper online marketing will significantly improve your website's visibility, attracting a great deal of new traffic to your website. Your website will be seen by more people, improving your company's success and exposure. But how do you properly market a website online?

First, you must design a thoughtful and effective marketing campaign. A website campaign should answer several important questions:

Who, exactly, are your targeted visitors or potential website customers?

What exact product or service are you trying to promote?

Where is the best place on the Internet to promote your website?

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This list of questions could be much longer, but if you don't know the answer to these three questions you cannot effectively promote your business online. All websites face the same online marketing challenges, so it is important to remember: your product or service is less important than how you present your product or service.

Let's imagine we have two websites to promote: a site that promotes homemade ice cream and a site for a home remodeling company. Even at the beginning, these two unrelated companies from different industries have something in common. Both company's products are now digital products. For both companies, the online marketing challenge is the same: each of these companies must create something on the site that motivates visitors to try their product. In the case of the homemade ice cream, this "something," could be a picture of a beautiful woman enjoying an ice-cream cone on a hot summer's day. For the home remodeling company, this "something" might be a panoramic video of a luxurious living room.

If you can identify your potential visitors, or if you want to build your website for a specific type of visitor, you should include in your design elements specialized details that will appeal to your specific audience. Beginning at your title page, details such as the font, color, and graphics can greatly influence your visitor. Remember, your website represents your business online. Careful attention to details will make your website attractive to visitors, and your product or service will be viewed with absolute clarity.

Depending on your product or service, search engines like Google might not be the best place to promote your business. If you make this mistake, and let some website marketing company place your ad on the front page of a major search engine, you might waste your money. It is important to remember that Google is merely a search engine, and that most people will refer to a search engine only when they don't know where to find a product or service. If you need to buy printer paper you might think of Staples, or Office Max, or a similar store - not Google. For every industry, there is a designated network of fans, specialists, and professionals. Your website should be promoted specifically among this designated network, and not across the Internet willy-nilly.

Don't wait until tomorrow! Start now and let us help you attract new customers to your business.

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