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Not all website developers or web designers build search engine friendly sites. A website must be built with SEO in mind - only then can it be promoted online and optimized for search engines. Stepman's PC knows exactly what search engines want to see. We build attractive and affordable 6-page sites that can be easily promoted and optimized. To maintain optimization, you will only need to perform regular SEO tweaks.

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SEO Friendly Website Design

For a limited time, Stepman's PC will build your search engine-friendly website, developed with the latest search engine algorithm requirements, for only $999! You might be surprised to hear that many websites are merely high-priced business cards. Why? Not all website developers build search engine-friendly sites - and if your site cannot be easily discovered by search engines, it is essentially invisible. Stepman's PC knows exactly what search engines like to see. We build beautiful, custom-made websites from scratch, and develop all sites for optimal search engine performance. Once we develop your website, you own it! We do not charge a monthly fee. And if you wish to make future changes, a knowledgeable web developer can easily modify your site to suit your evolving needs.

To begin, we simply ask for a deposit payment of $450. Within one day of receipt of your deposit, a Stepman's PC representative will contact you to discuss your unique website requirements. If you have any questions about our process or any question about payment options, please call today:

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Website Design Portfolio

Your website is the face of your company. Just as you take care to present your best face to the world, your website should present, at first glance, an inviting and attractive appearance to your potential customers.

At Stepman's PC, our development team prides itself on creating attractive websites for our customers. Please take a look at our work! For your convenience, we have organized some of the websites we've developed into categories. We add new websites to our portfolio on a regular basis. Please check this page again soon to see our most recent work.

Our Work

Foot Comfort Center
Dynamic Ambulance
Sure Smile
Hi-Tech Dental
Expert Dental LLC
Massage World
Discover Touch

Home Improvement
Master Kitchen and Bath Design
Pressman & Associates, LLC
G&G Indoor Air Services
G&G Indoor Air Services in PA

Legal Services
LDN Notary

Atlantic City Home Rentals
EIH Travel Company
Lodestar Travel

Fashion & Jewelry
Bel Jewelers

Professional Services
Bucks Couty Realtor

Homework Bar



Reliable Hosting Services

ipower-hosting From website development to website design to natural website optimization and marketing, Stepman PC's goal is simple: to build a durable foundation for your online success. To safeguard your success, we recommend the industry-leading website hosting firm, iPower.

In our experience - and the experience of millions of satisfied iPower clients - iPower's prices, efficiency, and customer service are simply unparalleled in the hosting industry.

For its Pro and ProPlus plans, iPower offers unlimited data storage and scalable bandwidth for as little as $3.95/month. iPower rarely (if ever) experiences downtime. Importantly, too, iPower offers 24/7 access to experienced representatives via chat or phone.

You are free to choose any number of hosting services. If you want to simplify your decision, however, go with the hosting service Stepman's PC has used for over nine years: iPower.

To purchase services for yourself, click the image to visit iPower.

Or, if you are not sure what you need, call Stepman's PC. We provide our expertise for FREE, however, for each customer we send to iPower, we receive a small commission.

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