How to Choose an SEO Company

Website optimization is a means to a successful end. If performed correctly, SEO will reward you with increased visibility and profits. If SEO is abused, your site might be blacklisted by the search engines. Be wary of SEO companies that promise the moon. Instead, find a company that makes you feel comfortable. A good SEO company will answer your questions in a way that you can understand. Communication is key.

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The Internet is an essential part of everyday life. For most people, in fact, the Internet is inescapable: it integrates, informs, and often defines our daily tasks. Every business should consider this important point. Why? Because the Internet is teeming with potential customers. If you want your businesses to be viable, you should perform some kind of online marketing.

Some businesses promote themselves through Internet forums. Others join community portals. Most businesses, however, create a personal website. If you own your own business website, you might be solely responsible for marketing. If so, you might ask yourself a few questions: Are you effectively marketing your own website? Does your website show up on the first page of search engine results? Has your website increased your profits?

If your answer to these questions is "no," do not despair! Internet marketing is, at best, complex, and often very confusing. But there is help!

The best option for most businesses is to outsource Internet marketing to a professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company. Unfortunately, finding an experienced and knowledgeable SEO professional can also be a complex, and sometimes confusing, process. There are over three billion websites worldwide, and often it seems there are just as many Internet advertising firms and SEO specialists!

So how do you choose a good SEO firm that will successfully promote your website?

SEO Company: Checklist

1. Ask questions! Most website owners are not familiar with organic website optimization. A good SEO company will explain every little detail about the process in language that you understand. If an SEO company's explanations confuse you in any way, then the SEO specialist is probably not proficient in his work, and most likely will not be able to help you. A good SEO professional must fully understand optimization; only then will he be able to explain the process in a way that you understand.

2. Make sure the SEO firm uses only "White Hat SEO," not "Black Hat." The world's largest search engines, like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, set high standards for search results. For this reason, it is very difficult to earn first page visibility. So how do you stand out among a million different websites from the same industry? Certain "Black Hat" Internet advertising firms engage in nefarious techniques, like spamming, to cheat the system. You should avoid these companies. While website optimization techniques very, "White Hat" SEO practices are always based on guidelines provided by the search engines themselves. Remember this golden rule: Natural website optimization cannot be bought; it has to be earned. Make sure your SEO company tells you how they intend to promote your website across the Internet, and what they will do, specifically, to make your website standout.

3. Make sure your website optimization will not interfere with web development standards. Take care not to choose an inexperienced website developer or SEO professional. Inexperience can lead to costly mistakes. If a website has not been properly developed, or if an inexperienced SEO specialist avoids web development standards, your website might effectively vanish from search engine results. Search engines have difficulty "crawling" improperly developed or poorly optimized websites. Try to avoid this mistake at all costs; otherwise, your site will not be added to the major search engine's databases.

4. Make sure that your SEO company writes unique content for your website. Unique page content is the most important part of organic optimization. Unfortunately, sometimes SEO companies copy information from other websites. If the information on your website is the same as other Internet sources, you might be penalized and added to the search engine's black list.

5. Avoid advertising companies that promise to place your website on Google's first page within a specific time frame. Some Internet advertising companies promise to place your site on the first page of Google's results within two days, or two weeks, and so on. No company can control search result placement! The search engines alone decide who will, and who will not, appear on the first page of search results.

6. Natural website optimization is not merely about a few keywords. Some website optimization companies say that they can optimize your website for specific keywords. Often these companies charge one price for two keywords and another price for, say, five keywords. This should be a red flag! Don't let them fool you. Organically optimized websites appear on the first page results based on relevancy. Combined with other factors, relevancy is based on good content. If your website is optimized only for only two, or even five, keywords, you will never receive the traffic you deserve, and you will lose potential customers.

7. Make sure that your SEO company provides a detailed work report. A good SEO company will report your website performance daily, including the amount of traffic you receive each day and where that traffic is coming from.

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