SEO is not an Enemy

Some websites have attempted SEO with no results; some have seen results, but only for a short time. This inconsistency has led many website owners to believe that SEO is a negligible practice, or worse, an enemy. More likely, this inconsistency points to shoddy work. Frankly, the SEO world is chockfull of lackluster specialists and "Black Hat SEOs." At Stepman's PC, we pride ourselves on the integrity of our results.

Search Engine Optimization

After this initial wave of trickery, the rules for website optimization narrowed from year to year. Still, tighter restrictions did not stop many websites from breaking the rules. By penalizing these websites, search engines made a statement: abuse will not be tolerated.

Despite the apparent challenges, today's website owners should know: SEO is not your enemy. SEO wants the same thing you do: to make your website visible on the first page of any major search engine by delivering the most accurate and relevant results. All you need to do is provide relevant-to-your-industry information.

This sounds like an easy task, and as more website owners became familiar with SEO, more began to offer timely and specific information. As SEO's popularity grew, many were amazed by the results. Soon, SEO became the ultimate, and only, option for many websites.

Search engine optimization companies perform daily research on why some websites succeed and why some do not. Many SEO companies have performed this research daily for years, and over time, SEO specialists noticed something interesting: at some certain point, many Internet businesses that had once performed well, enjoying high visibility on search engines, could no longer be found. The list of first page results changed, and the top placement of the first page results was now occupied by different websites. In my own research of thousands of websites, it soon became apparent: website performance and online success were totally dependent on a specific SEO algorithm.

Beyond the search engines, nobody knows the requirements to satisfy the SEO algorithm. We do know, however, that website optimization requires more than relevant content. A well-optimized website meets criteria based on content, yes, but also the website's design and structure, as well as the information offered in the website's metadata, and even the website's title. This list of criteria could be longer or shorter; everything depends on the current requirements of the algorithm.

If you've recently discovered that your website is underperforming, one or two of the following reasons are likely responsible:

1. Your competitor's websites have become more well-optimized for search engines.

2. The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) requirements (the algorithm) have changed.

If your competitors have exceeded your ranking using SEO techniques, you must improve your own optimization. This work is relatively easy. However, if the SEO algorithms have changed, you will have to understand why, and then modify your website to conform to the new requirements.

If you wish to perform this work on your own, you might spend an enormous amount of time trying to realize what, exactly, needs to be changed, even before you begin to make the change. If your time is limited, you can hire an SEO company to make sure your website is up to date with algorithm requirements.

Optimizing your own website offers both positives and negatives. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise: you definitely can optimize your website. You might even become an advanced SEO professional! However, remember, as you try to figure out the SEO algorithm, your website will essentially be invisible. You will be giving your competitors an unchallenged opportunity to promote to, and possibly even influence your potential and existing customers.

Remember, do not fight the algorithm, and do not attempt to trick the system in any way. If you perform optimization correctly-organically-your website will be richly rewarded. Proper optimization will inspire traffic, and search engines will reward you by reducing their prices for other marketing methods, such as Google's AdWords.

Stepman's PC, an SEO company, can help you optimize your website organically. We will make your company visible online. We will also reveal your competitor's techniques, and will advise you how to improve your own marketing strategy.

To get started now, please call one of Stepman's PC's highly experienced representatives.

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