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All search engines strive to deliver results tailored to each browser's specific needs. Like browsers, however, the search engines want unique content. For SEO, this unique content can be engaging writing, intriguing design, or fascinating functionality. In step with search engines and browsers, Stepman's PC optimizes websites with a flair for the unique. By emphasizing originality, we place websites on the first page results in a short period of time.

Website Optimization Technique

If you own a business, you probably know: a business website is pointless unless it routinely appears on the first page of search engine results. Simply put: optimizing your website for major search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing significantly increases traffic - and profits.

Nowadays "website optimization" is a trendy term, and even casual Internet browsers and website owners have heard of SEO; many might even have some idea about how to optimize a website. Some SEO specialists have even elevated "website optimization" to a new level. If you ask certain SEO specialists, "What is website optimization?", they might answer with a confusing array of technical terms: organic website optimization, pay per click, video optimization, image optimization, etc.

To a real SEO professional, too many technical terms sounds like a joke. So if you own a website, beware: some SEO specialists manipulate website optimization to better suit their own skills. In reality, each website requires a different approach, and you want an SEO professional who can explain what you need in simple terms.

In the mid-2000s, the SEO world experienced a transformation: more and more perceptive website owners grasped the value of first page results, and so optimized their websites for the major search engines. This first wave of optimized websites saw increased traffic and profits. Today most website owners recognize the value of website optimization, but with increased competition, the challenge of promoting a website has increased immensely since the mid-2000s. Since the mid-2000s, the process of website optimization has changed, too, but the concept is the same: to provide true, informative content, related to a user's search query.

So why do so many SEO professionals divide website optimization into different sub-terms like organic website optimization, pay per click, video optimization, and image optimization?

First, it is important to understand that each optimized website will appear differently on each search engine. For this reason, 100% website optimization can never be achieved. For search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing, page ranking is based on delivering the most relevant results. Google doesn't really care about your website. Google cares about its users.

Most Internet browsers have one preferred search engine, but the preferences vary based on what each browser wants to achieve. Some browsers appreciate the most relevant results; others might prefer a suggestion based on a search term; others might like to see images or videos side-to-side with their search.

Search engines have studied their users in depth so they can deliver results tailored to their user's specific needs. The variety of information determines (to an extent) each search engine's results, and explains why some websites appear on the first page of Google - but not Yahoo or Bing. Most search engines rank websites similarly, but some search engines might emphasize images; others might emphasize content; and others might emphasize certain website elements.

An experienced SEO specialist will know exactly what each search engine prefers, and will optimize each website to meet each search engine's specific requirements. If you would like your website to appear on the first page results of all search engines, then the website optimization process might require some compromises. In the SEO world, we talk about a website's percentage optimization. Your website's percentage might be a bit lower when it is optimized for all search engines. But a website optimized by 65 % might deliver more success than a website optimized by 90%. Why? Simply because a website optimized for all search engines (and not merely one) will deliver more traffic from all over the Internet.

Some SEO companies claim that this compromise does not work; some might even suggest creating a few different websites, and optimizing each for different search engines. This method is absurd! Why complicate your offering for yourself and your potential customers by creating different websites for different search engines? Your best option is to optimize your existing website.

Website optimization requires a skilled SEO specialist performing steady work. If you find the right SEO specialist, and the work is performed properly, SEO will reward you big time. But be careful: SEO abuse can backfire! So make sure you hire a qualified SEO specialist with impeccable credentials. Stepman's PC is a professional website optimization company that can optimize any website to appear on almost any search engine's first page results. We have proven results that will truly impress any website owner. The work we do is mostly based on referrals; our customer's satisfaction is our only priority. If you wish to learn more about what we do, and how we do it, please do not hesitate to call us at (215) 900-9398. Or please contact us via email.

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