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Do you own a website that is not easily discovered online? If so, your website is likely not optimized for the major search engines. Stepmans PC can quickly fix this problem. However, before you even decide to work with us, we can tell you what is wrong with your website, how quickly we can achieve positive search results, and the most appropriate techniques for optimizing your unique website.

SEO Optimization

With a successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign your website will maintain a top position on the major search engines without extra cost, helping you stand out among your competition across the Internet. A well-optimized website will be visible on the front page of major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, as well as social media sites like Facebook.

However, SEO can be a time consuming process. For most websites, it can take at least six months to be ranked by major search engines. Proper website optimization can create results within a week, but the most important result - the result that will benefit your product or service, and will triple traffic to your website, inspiring profits, will occur within six months. An SEO campaign is worth the wait: a higher ranking will help maintain your website at a top position. A naturally-promoted website might take longer to become visible online, but when optimization is complete, your website will maintain a durable spot on the first page of the major search engines.

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A Quick Google Lesson

Most Internet users perform searches on Google, so it can be helpful for a new Internet company to understand exactly how Google works. Whenever a Google user wants to find something on the Internet they simply type keywords into Google's search field and Google delivers the best results.

Most of us hope to find our search on the first or second page of Google's results. However, for every search performed, Google returns hundreds of thousands results, and these results are divided into many pages. From Google's prospective, only well-optimized websites appear on the first or second page.

However, if a search is based only on keywords then every website that contains those keywords within their metadata will be visible on the first page of Google, regardless of how well the website is optimized. Can you imagine? No one would ever use Google simply because it would not deliver accurate results. This is why Google's algorithm changes constantly in an effort to ensure that it can repel spammers and offer the best results. For this reason, Google's algorithm today is very sophisticated; a website requires much more than keywords to appear on Google's first page.

Stepman's PC, a professional Search Engine Optimization Company, knows that a well-optimized site is about much more than keywords. We always follow the standards of Google's algorithm. Our goal is to make sure your website appears on a first page, and to deliver results that will truly benefit your company.

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