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When first learning about SEO, many website owners attempt to perform the complex work of website optimization without the help of a specialist. In the quest to optimize, we support all ambitious website owners. In fact, we write our Organic SEO Blog to teach website owners the basics of organic SEO and natural website optimization.


We understand: most business owners need help. Running a small to medium-sized business is more than a mere full-time job; it’s a ceaseless grind, at once rewarding and incredibly demanding. Business owners feel responsible for every success or failure. Often this is true; yet more often, results are defined by the team.

The most successful businesses understand the value of specialization. A team of like-minded professionals with specialized talents can create synergy—the creation of a whole greater than the sum of its parts.

Stepmans PC was founded by Alex Stepman, a one-time programmer and website developer who learned SEO while working for a popular remodeling website in 2006. Today, Alex is the rare SEO specialist, also fluent in all aspects of computer hardware and design.

Alex also understands the value of specialization. Over the years, Alex has assembled a small team of professional copywriters for his content-driven SEO work. His dedicated staff also includes a professional web developer, a website design specialist, PPC management professionals, and an in-house marketing consultant.

Do you own your own website? Are you currently attempting to perform website optimization without the help of an SEO firm? Are you experiencing success? If not, you might need the help of a specialist.

If you understand the value of specialization, you understand the value of Stepmans PC. Let our team help your team. Together, we can create a synergy that can increase your profits — and transform your business.

If you wish to talk to a trained SEO or online marketing professional, do not hesitate to call Alex and his staff today:

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