Search Engine Friendly Web Development

Website development covers the "back-of-the-house" website programming - how each page is coded and how the pages interact with each other. Stepman's PC views development as a path to a destination: optimization. As in life, a path may or may not lead to a desired destination. To be crawled and indexed by the search engines, a site most follow the correct path. We ensure the correct path at no additional cost.

seo friendly website development

SEO Friendly Web Development

Do you want to build a new website? Then you should know the difference between website design and website development. Design covers the front-of-the-house look, feel, and usability of a website. Stepman's PC designs beautiful, search engine friendly websites that are very easy to navigate. Development covers the back-of-the-house programming of a website's how each page is coded and how the various pages interact with each other. Stepman's PC also develops well-functioning websites with all the necessary features and tools to guarantee success.

Both website design and website development influence search engine ranking. A search engine friendly website will be designed to appear attractive to both search engines and people. While a designer might create a beautiful, sleek, and well-composed website, without a well-trained developer the site might not actually appear in search engine rankings.

Brilliant content is not the only factor determining a website's success. Other important factors might include website loading speed and browser compatibility and these features are determined by the website designer.

Browser compatibility is especially important. Most search engines employ an automated program to crawl web pages. These web crawlers, or web spiders, as they are sometimes called, read and collect website content, and follow a website's internal and external links. The crawler then deposits the collected information into the search engine's database, or index. If a website cannot be easily crawled, it will never appear in search engine rankings. A high-quality website designer like Stepman's PC ensures that a website is easily crawled by search engines.

It is rare for one company to excel in both website design and website development. Stepman's PC is that rare company. We understand the fundamental importance of both beauty and efficiency. Imagine a talented artist combined with an intelligent scientist - this is Stepman's PC! If you have any specific questions about any of the technical aspects of website development, please call one of Stepman's PC's highly experienced representatives

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